Don’t hurt the grass when hunting your elephant


Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted March 16, 2006


FILTERING NEWS LOOMING over the concerned Liberian public indicates that the government of Liberia has participated in an arrangement to have exiled President Charles Taylor extradited from Calaba to Liberia, following which he would be arrested by UNMIL and sent to face the world crime court in Sierra Leone on charges of fueling regional insurrection.

ALTHOUGH THE GOVERNMENT of Liberia through a Mansion spokesman has consistently denied participating in such arrangement during recent talks between Presidents Sirleaf and Obasanjo of Nigeria, there appear issues of truth in the spreading news given UNMIL’s vow to arrest Taylor should he foot the Liberian soil.

POLITICAL ANALYSTS ARE beginning to see another round of political move behind the scene including the growing desire of the Western world in seeing Taylor bowing to justice.

WE SEE THE process as an elephant hunt where the grass will eventually suffer.

THE PROCESS WORRIES us because peace is yet to fully germinate; the people are yet to be economically born again while the government is yet in its embryonic stage.

IN THE FACE of all these the arrest of Taylor on the Liberian soil certainly excavates negative sensation than relaxing the minds; more heart troubling than peace of the heart and possible reappearance of wolves presently hiding in sheep’s clothing.

WE ARE CONCERNED about the possible hurdles and pray for the sleeping dog to lie because the rejuvenating grass needs time enough to grow, mature and bear fruits.

IN ORDER WORDS, let the peace thirsty people of war lacerated Liberia be given time to sigh air of relief, settle peacefully in their broken villages and towns and begin to define life in its truest sense as far as vibrant social, political and economic life is concerned.

LET THIS CLAIM the attention of all concerned because we believe the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Liberia as civilized nation state must take priority over all others else.

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