Waving to Pope John Paul II

Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted April 5, 2005


THE HIGHEST MAN as far as the global leadership of the Catholic Church is concerned Pope John Paul II fell from the corridor of the earth last Saturday amidst admiration and traditional awarding of flowers by world leaders.

THE POPE WHO died at the age of eighty-four is said to have not only introduced reforms in the Catholic Church, but remained morally and religiously untainted thereby demonstrating in practical term the virtue of true Christianity.

WHILE JOINING THE global mourners, we at the FORUM wish him goodbye while recognizing in a special way his highness, deed and unique manner and form how he lived his life.

WHAT IS IMPORTANT however is for others who find themselves in the circles of religious or political leaders to copy the examples of the man whose work, while living would long remain colorfully painted on the pages of history as far as driving the wheel of humanity is concerned.

WE WAVE TO him raising our hats off hoping that the recipe of blessing would mark his final sojourn.

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