Ugandan Judge Challenges Liberian Media


Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted April 12, 2005


Liberian press and media personnel have been challenged to change their ills infested society in order for the country to meet up with modern standard.

“Liberia has gone through a civil war, the same experience Uganda went through. It’s your responsibility as editors and publishers to write the truth and to publish facts in order to develop your media industry, society and the nation. You must also exhibit a high degree of patriotism when carrying out your duty to inform, educate and entertain, the Liberian public,” Justice Steven B.K. Kavuman urged the participants.

Justice Kavuman’s assertion came when he served as guest speaker at the closing of a week long media study tour ceremony organized by the World Association of Newspapers (WAN) for several media personnel around Africa including six Liberian media executives held a the Fairway Hotel in Central Kampala, Uganda over the weekend.

He described media the world over as a tool for societal change, saying the power of the press can not be over emphasized, adding, “In Uganda, we now greatly rely on the media for education, entertainment, information and guidance.” Justice Kavuman called on the Liberian press to follow the ethics of the journalism profession, which he said is the key instrument in the performance of this noble profession.

Speaking further, the Ugandan justice spoke of the vibrant media which now exist in Uganda and called on the press in Liberia to be inspired by the Ugandan press in order to make the Liberian media vibrant also.

For her part, WAN’s Director for Development and Education, Dr. Aralynn A. McMane commended the Liberian media representatives and urged them to best utilize the knowledge acquired from the study tour and challenged the media in Liberia to serve as light for societal growth. She praised members of the delegation for their hard work amidst the tension of long hours of working sessions.

For his part, the President of the Ugandan Editors and Proprietors Association (UNEPA), James Walugembe praised the donors through WAN’s Development and Education Director, Dr. McMane and admonished his Liberian colleagues to exploit the knowledge acquired from the tour and implement same as Liberia goes through transformation for a better future.

Speaking on behalf of the Publishers Association of Liberia, its President Sando Moore commended the World Association of Newspapers through the organization’s director for education and development, Dr. McMane for the opportunity afforded them to experience the Ugandan media system and the knowledge acquired which he described as “power” for the Liberia press.

Mr. Moore also commended colleagues of the Ugandan press through the President of the Uganda Newspaper Editors and Proprietors Association James Aliddeki Walugembe for the warm hospitality accorded the Liberia media representatives during the tour. Media representatives from Liberia included Sando Moore, Augustus Fallah, Philip Wesseh, Stanley Seakor, Sheriff Adams and Sam Dean of The New National, The FORUM, The INQUIRER, The Analyst, The News and The Independent newspapers, respectively; Writes A. Bob Fallah.

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