We Decry Government’s Z-A Approach


Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted April 19, 2006


Amidst Untold Poverty rate among other fresh hurts as a result of the war under whose adverse effects the nation and people remain painfully bending low, the government of Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has embarked upon throwing marketers off the streets in an uncompromising manner in Monrovia.

Police, The Implementing partner in the process were yesterday seen throwing or breaking booths along the streets from Redlight to Duala, from Sinkor to Broad Street and all other places hosting the marketers.

The Process, We see as suitably giving the city a face lift, making the city to shine like the face of a glittering dime and so forth.

However, We Decry the Z-A approach involved including rubbing gold fluid on the face of Monrovia , and not considering the condition that gave rise to the sidewalk selling.

Were Government To just peep over its shoulder to see the condition (war) which compelled Monrovia to host people of all walks of life thereby swelling its population , she would agree that under such situation people seek ends -meet the way the sidewalk sellers are doing.

WE Thought Government’s priority would include depopulating Monrovia through the provision of job opportunities in the leeward sectors as a way of availing a better choice.
Ridding The Streets of marketers though may appear and sound good in distant ears and eyes, it siphons more tears in the eyes and bleeds the hearts since it stands to undermine the single most source of getting daily bread.

Indeed, The Perceived success of government which is obviously a blow to the down trodden masses does not speak of anything good as far as social, political and economic sanity is concerned.

WE Therefore Advise that government employ the A-Z approach which has to do with national economic empowerment through the enlargement and capacitating the private sector as it had promised.

In The Absence of Taylor around whose legs the nation’s social, political and economic deliverance was tied, we hope that the Government and her international partners know that the success of domestic politics – that which has to do with Liberia’s political culture-depends on the joy and happiness of the marketers, farmers, students and all others.

Taking The Marketers off the streets only to appease the eyes of passersby should have proceeded the expulsion of darkness in the city, the provision of safe drinking water to the long thirsty people and the availability of more jobs to the citizens.

In The Absence of all these we think government is diverting a river within itself meaning that sooner or later the marketers will surface back on the streets because they must eat and survive.

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