George Dweh To Open Pandora’s Box!


Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted April 20, 2005


Suspended House Speaker George Dweh who has again been throbbed by the UN travel ban says he will challenge the travel ban imposed on him recently.

He said the decision by the UN is “highly racist” and it is intended to tarnish his reputation.
The suspended speaker, who is considered controversial, has vowed to expose members of the UN Security Council in his drive to redeem his image.

He said his activities and actions have not gone contrary to the very Comprehensive Peace Agreement they all helped to put together but it is the work of his detractors to undermine him. Mr. Dweh did not say by what means he would fight the UN Security Council’s decision.

Contrary to his claim, the United Nations Security Council Committee on April 14, 2005 renewed the travel ban list on Resolution 1521 (2003) and augmented in Resolution 1579 (2004) of which suspended NTLA Speaker has been described as a “stumbling block in the smooth implementation of the CPA.”

The Council’s statement said that Dweh’s statements and activities undermine the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and his actions contravene the spirit of the disarmament declaration.

Those who have been caught along with the suspended speaker in the travel ban web are Messrs. Kai Farley, Sampson Gwen and Benjamin Taylor of the defunct LURD and MODEL factions.

The NTLA strongman has been at the center stage for sometime starting with his induction as a Speaker of the NTLA when women pressure group vehemently rejected his ascendancy to that post describing him as bloodstained character. However, the suspended Speaker denied the allegation, saying, “I have not killed a fly before in my life.”

He was also accused of creating friction in his own faction, LURD of which he is believed to have masterminded the removal of Sekou Damate Conneh to be replaced by the present Justice Minister Kabinah Ja’neh.

However, the ECOWAS authorities and members of the international community who are stakeholders to the Liberian peace process did not accept this.

Dweh, who has made history for himself, is believed to be the first speaker in the Republic of Liberia using siren in convoy just like an elected president.

He, on one occasion, fell from the grace of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) when the mission withdrew security assigned to him.

Recently, he was suspended along with three other members of the NTLA by the House Plenary on corruption charges and other administrative malpractices.

With his latest pronouncement, people are waiting to see what next course of action suspended Speaker Dweh intends to take.

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