NPP Partisans Dismissed

By Lewis K.Glay

Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted April 20, 2005


Local appointments made by Chairman Gyude Bryant in Swen Meca District,Bomi County have reportedly left two NPP partisans in the wilderness.

According to Bomi Lawmaker Sando Johnson, the statutory District Superintendent, Joseph Dongo and Commissioner Memo Z.Saryon both of whom are believed to members of the National Patriotic Party have been dismissed.

Assemblyman Johnson said the County Caucus was never consulted by Chairman Bryant prior to these replacements and they need clarification from the Chairman on the matter.

He further explained that Cabinet Director Soko Sackor held talks with the caucus over the weekend at the Executive Mansion where he said the replacement of both Dongo and Saryon was in line with the Chairman’s mandate to appoint local authorities when he deems it appropriate.

According to Assemblyman Johnson, Mr. Sackor said upon the seating of the National Transitional Government of Liberia in October 2003,all appointees of the past regime were declared resigned. “It was clear that they have not committed any crime but because of their party affiliation that is why they have been removed,” he (Johnson) quoted Mr.Sackor.

Assemblyman Johnson however said why they could not question Chairman Byrant’s appointments of local authorities in the district, consulting them (Caucus) for their input would have been expedient since indeed those appointees would have to go for confirmation. “We are not fighting. The Chairman can go ahead to induct the appointees but the issue of confirmation, we are waiting for that,” he said.

Meanwhile, Assemblyman Johnson has appealed to the citizens of Bomi, especially those from Swen Meca District who are NPP partisans to remain calm in the wake of what appears to be provocation as the Caucus would help to amicably resolve the issue.

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