Journalists Are Crusaders for Lasting Peace - Prof. Karikari

By Lewis K.Glay

Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted April 20, 2005


The head of Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA), Prof. Kwame Karikari says media and journalists must serve as crusaders for lasting peace in post-conflict Liberia.

“If your country is to see and enjoy total democracy following 14 years of war, then it is you journalists that should play the catalyst role; you must lead the process,” he added.

Prof .Karikari made these remarks when he served as facilitator of a one day meeting of Ghanaian and Liberian media executives recently.

The program which was held at the International Center for Journalists in Accra ,Ghana brought together heads of six Liberian newspapers. Managing Editors from the FORUM, The Inquirer, The News, The Analyst, The New National, The Independent and top Ghanaian journalists including Ghana Journalists Association President, Madam Gina Blay participated.

The gathering was part of brainstorming session for Liberian journalists who were en route to Uganda for a study tour.

Prof. Karikari informed the journalists that Ghana is now enjoying relative democracy, which was fought for and nurtured by journalists.

He said there is no total freedom without pain, especially in Third World countries. He however lauded the Liberian media for the struggle it is going through in a hostile environment, adding, “It will not be easy but you have to be strong.”

During the program, FORUM’S Managing Editor Augustus Fallah, formally commended the Foundation for identifying with the paper regarding the court issue in which the Civil Law Court imposed a fine, issued arrest warrant on the paper’s staff and subsequently closed it for some time until the fine was paid.

Mr. Fallah who decried the court action informed the Foundation’s executive that he believes the court’s action was a “political maneuvering and jungle justice” masterminded by the defendant’s lawyer, Cllr. Francis Garlawolu.

Meanwhile, Mr. Fallah has vowed that FORUM will continue to serve as a catalyst for societal change as Liberia moves from transition to democracy.

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