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Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted April 20, 2005


ON SUNDAY APRIL 10, 2005, the City Council of Monrovia prohibited Sunday market across the city as a measure to help curtail the filthy condition of the nation’s capitol.

THE RATIONALE BEHIND the scheme pinpoints at the increasing difficulty encountered by the City Council as it relates to the control of garbage collection across the city.

THIS DIFFICULTY IS partly attributed to the Sunday market that is believed to be the cause of the stock piled garbage all over the city and parts adjacent.

INDEED, WHAT EXACERBATES this sanitary problem is the fact that sanitation workers do not work on Sundays, as such, the City Council must put its feet down to enforce the ordinance thereby easing the work load on its workers.

WE WHOLEHEARTEDLY CHERISH the move, hoping that its momentum would continue to make our environment conducive thus ridding our community of diseases and other illnesses.

HOWEVER, WE ARE skeptical that the scheme would sooner or later became unachievable if its implementation will not go beyond Broad Street. Let the council continue to take inventory by visiting all communities and market places on every Sunday to ensure that the ordinance is enforced to the letter.

WHILE WE HAIL Monrovia City Mayoress Ophelia-Hoff Saytumah for her stance to control garbage in the city, we equally would encourage her to undertake the task in partnership with the City Council of Paynesville with the view to upholding the principle of conducive environment for the swollen inhabitants of Monrovia and parts adjacent.

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