Remove The Barricade Of Poverty


Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted April 26, 2005


THE PERMEATING POVERTY over Liberia with its crunching effects can not be doubted.

DAYS IN AND days out, the people sit being throbbed by pains of hunger, joblessness, hopelessness and they could certainly view the future with negating eyes given the looseness and economically disorganized transitional period.

AS LIBERIANS BEGIN the primary process leading to the pending post war general and presidential elections stated for October this year, they are doubtlessly being pegged by potential elements of frustration thereby suppressing national joy and efficacy.

PRICES OF ESSENTIAL commodities are high, while other lifebuoy materials remain far removed from the perimeter of the poverty-stricken people.

WE SEE THE significance of the process that would take Liberia out of the dust of war; but equally see the associated hard times which definitely have the capacity of discouraging the potential voters.

HENCE, IT IS our ardent advice that the NTGL and the appropriate agencies concerned take necessary steps to remove the poverty barricade.

IF THE ELECTORAL period is to see the intended success, poverty alleviation in terms of price regulation to an affordable level would serve as stimulating factor.

LET JOY AND happiness be the coefficient of the day.

LET SINCERITY TO the state and people be the attending order of the day.

LET CORRUPTION BE avoided so that the people would see the essence of the period and happily embraces it.

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