Government must Purify the Muddy water



Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted May 8, 2006


THE LIBERIAN NATION state had been dispossessed of its normal foundation at all aspects of life as a result of the senseless 14 long years of turmoil.

AT THE ECONOMIC level there is a deep cavity thus keeping the people dragging in the mud of poverty while the social and political segments remain rolling and wrangling at a doldrums point to the acute disadvantage of the masses.

THE PREVAILING PERIOD which follows the cessation of the war that seems to be orbiting the frame of democracy – democracy yet in its enfant stage therefore needs vigilance and true patriotic and nationalistic attitudes by the governed on the one hand and the governors on the others.

THAT CONFORMS TO the philosophy of political mutuality which often yields to economic and social fruition, thereby creating the climate of efficacy for all and sundry.

IT GOES TO say that to forge ahead and make a positive leap as a state and people, honesty and sincerity must be the overall hallmark of the day.

THE DIRECTION OF the state in the truest sense of social, political, cultural and economic considerations depends largely upon the thinking, vision, philosophy and collaborative efforts of its citizens –those who govern and those who are governed.

THE SINCERE, MATURE and honest the governor, the better and well nurtured the people. This indeed is the workable mechanism as far as national development programs are concerned.

WE WILL THEN hate to see or hear the repetition and application of national interest being subjugated to selfish interest as was the common practice in the immediate past.

THIS IS WHY we hold the President responsible to do those things that would give Liberia a rebirth so that the people, long yearning for social, political and economic redemption can begin to define their own state in the realistic form and manner as far as standard social, political and economic living are concerned.

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