Bad Governance Is Africa’s Major Problem - ADB Veep


By: A. Bob Fallah

Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted May 16, 2006


African Development Bank (ADB) Vice President for Operations, Dr. Zeinab E. Bakri, says Africa’s major problem as well as its continued economic failure is the absence of good governance.

“While underdevelopment has multiple and complex causes, Africa’s experiences with the adverse consequences of governance problems have been very clear,” said Dr. Bakri adding, “the absence of good governance has proved to be particularly damaging to the corrective intervention role of governance. Programs for poverty alleviation for example, have been undermined by corruption, lack of public accountability and participation of the beneficiaries.”

Dr. Bakri addressed participants of the Sixth African Countries at the Intercontinental Hotel in Kigali, Rwanda.

She noted that Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) was proving essential in fostering good governance in participating countries.

According to her, the APRM is laying a crucial foundation for good governance in Africa.

Dr. El Bakri emphasized that poor governance in Africa has not only had costly consequence for the productive use of resources but also constrained that ability of African countries in mobilizing resources.
Meanwhile, the ADB Vice President has reiterated the bank’s commitment to helping African countries to expeditiously implement the peer review process.

She commended Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame for his continued seriousness about issues of governance, adding, “He represents a new generation of African Heads of State and Government, with whom the bank shares common vision about the importance of governance reform in Africa.”

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