China Promises More Assistance

By: Lewis K. Glay


Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted May 27, 2006


Chinese Ambassador Lin Songtain says his country remains committed to assisting Liberia to recover from its long running civil war.

He lamented that Liberia had in the past been a prominent nation advocating for the independence of other African countries, but noted that today it is striving to overcome its recent bitter past.

Speaking to a cross- section of staff and employees of ELBC at his Congo Town Embassy recently, when the Rural Broadcasting Department of the station honored him, Amb. Songtain said China is a friend of “poor nations” as such, it is committed to supporting Liberia to regain its image.

He was focused in his remarks, on the restoration of electricity, revamping the National Port Authority (NPA), assisting in the agriculture sector for self-sufficiency in food production in postwar Liberia as well as the revitalization of other basic social services to the people of this country.

Ambassador Songtain told the ELBC family that he was also concerned about their plight in disseminating information to the Liberian people in the absence of equipment and facilities.

He then assured the state owned station of his country’s willingness to assist with the provision of FM system equipment that would enable Liberians across the country to be informed about unfolding developments during the period of reconstruction and reconciliation.

The Chinese Ambassador also called on Liberians to unite and seek one common goal for the speedy development at all fronts.

The ELBC honoring statement was read by the Assistant Director General for Rural Broadcasting, Lewis Togba, who among other things said Amb. Songtain has immensely contributed to the recovery programs of Liberia.

He named the waiving of US 10 million dollars debt Liberia owed China, the donation of agriculture implements as well as the presence of Chinese experts in agriculture and other meaningful donations made by the Chinese Government through Amb. Songtain as goodwill gestures prompted the gowning of the Chinese envoy.

LBS Director General, Charles A. Snetter also lauded Amb. Songtain for his government’s constant contributions to Liberia at this crucial time of the nation’s rebuilding process. He said LBS needs assistance and appealed to Amb. Songtain to come to the aid of the state owned station as the institution was in dire need of modern facilities to help inform the Liberian people on daily events taking place in the country and the world at large.

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