‘Evidence’ Embarrasses Government

By: Lewis K. Glay


Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted May 30, 2006


Recent publication in the Evidence newspaper appears to have embarrassed the Liberian Government as far as its relationship with The People’s Republic of China is concerned.

The publication in detail claimed that the Liberian Government is contemplating to cut off its diplomatic ties with The People’s Republic of China predicated on what the paper claimed was a “pressure” from the American Government against the presence of China in Liberia.

To add more weight to the report the paper also noted that a delegation from Taiwan has been in the country negotiating with government to regain its diplomatic ties with the UP-led government.

But in swift reactions, Foreign Minister George Wallace and Acting Head of State, Information Minister Johnny McClain said the publication was false, misleading and lacked any iota of truth.

They denounced any pressure from America lest to mention government’s contemplation on breaking relation with the PRC as insinuated by the paper.

Minister Wallace, in particular who appeared furious during a press briefing at the Information Ministry last Friday, said he was never contacted by the paper, terming the report as a “blatant lie.” He said no Taiwanese delegation has entered Liberia as far as he was concerned for such negotiation mentioned in the publication.

He disclosed that immediately following the publication, he invited the Evidence’s management for clarification of its report and according to him, the management admitted error in the report, thereby assuring that it would retract the story.

The government also termed Mainland China as an “emerging super power” that cannot be ignored because according to him, China has influence on the United Nations Security Council. “Liberia supports the one China policy,” Ambassador Wallace assured.

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