Clampdown on Corruption at UL - More Heads to Roll


By: Lewis K. Glay


Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted June 16, 2006


The Clampdown on corruption at the University of Liberia may intensively curtail sustained malpractices which have crippled educational value at the higher institution of learning.

The UL administration’s recent decision to suspend Instructor Boka Wreh for allegedly selling Mid-Term exam to management students has drawn public attention to put a check mark on corruption at the university.

Though Mr. Wreh has denied the allegation, The FORUM has learnt that more heads may roll in pursuit of the administration’s quest to weed out corrupt elements who sell tests to students thereby eroding the university’s educational standard.

Many students, who have been following the development, welcomed the administration’s stance which they assume if maintained would help to change what they called the “ugly attitude” of some instructors at the university.

Disgusted by the tendency of buying grades, the students said it is a common practice benefiting those instructors involved, something they hoped could be discouraged through the exposure of the architects.

“I believe that the administration has the list of those corrupt instructors and once anyone of them is being accused, that person will be traced and if found guilty, the administration’s decision shall follow”, an economic student noted.

“Most of these men are getting rich at the expense of those students who are not prepared to go through the pains of genuine academic activities”, another student studying demography told The FORUM.

Though other colleges at the UL may be accused of corrupt practices, Business College which controls the Department of Management is presumed to top the list as exemplified by the case involving the suspended instructor, Boka Wreh and others who are yet to come under lamplight.

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