UL President Suspends Entrance Registration


By: Emmanuel King, Jr.

Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted July 19, 2006


The President of the University of Liberia Dr. Al-Hassan Conteh has instructed the comptroller of the UL to halt the entrance registration process.

Dr. Conteh took the decision over the weekend after the process was marked by days of chaos and confusion.

He has ordered the authorities responsible for the process to put an immediate halt to the registration until proper measures are put into place.

During the process, those who queued to register complained that they could not obtain the deposit slips to enable them deposit their entrance fees at the bank.

They also alleged that the process was fraudulent because the forms were being sold to special people, but this was quickly dismissed by an official of the Business and Finance Office of the UL who preferred anonymity.

He explained that during the last entrance registration process, the UL registered close to ten thousand students, noting that taking into account the level of peace now obtaining in the country, the number of people desiring to sit for the exams have doubled.

Our source also explained that the bank (ECOBANK) responsible for such deposit has been serving its customers including those of the UL. He said because of the rush to register, coupled with the huge number, the bank made arrangements for deposits to be made at the UL.

Since the UL Entrance Registration process commenced, it has been marred by rush and confusion thereby leading candidates to express dissatisfaction over the way the process is being conducted.

The Entrance Registration process was expected to last for one month (July), but this may not be the case due to the suspension of the process by Dr. Conteh.

Other sources also informed The FORUM immediately following Dr. Conteh’s announcement of the suspension, that an amount of US 50 is being collected by some agents of the Testing Center from would-be candidates who are financially potent to go through the process with ease. “Such people are already marked as successful candidates despite the fact the examinations are yet to be administered,” an insider told The FORUM.

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