EGAP or GEMAP Will Be Meaningless, If…


By: Josiah S. Hallie


Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted August 4, 2005


I am one of those who put “my head on the chopping board” that the only way Liberia can recover from its economic malaise is through the intervention of the international community by working in partnership with them in streamlining those viable sectors.

Corruption which has been used by many Liberian government officials as a way to get into the promised land of affluence is being perfected in all forms and manner to be adhered to by every generation of the country.

In normal day conversations, very few citizens would say that they are opting to change the status quo of economic mismanagement. It is always a preconceived idea for them that once they get into public offices they would first amass wealth for themselves and their loved ones. Is this not a treacherous motive for heaven sake?

These statements and ideas normally being propounded by Liberians about their country give reason for one to believe that Liberia is still suffering from wrong systematic structure put in by our founding fathers. This inductive reasoning of conducting our national affairs gives one a second thought that something new needs to be done. It also makes one to subscribe to the view of having Liberia and Liberians placed under new system for appropriate orientation to deaden the inherited one.

I can say without reservation that if something concrete is not put in place to make Liberians know that no matter who you are – you are accountable to the state, it will be difficult for us to graduate from this sickening situation which has thrown us backward for over hundred and fifty years.

Current events concerning the corrupt nature of this present Transitional Government Officials can attest to the long journey we have ahead as a state to measure arms with other countries in terms of good governance. The coming into existence of this government, made people to be elated given the misrule of Charles Taylor-led government. But the actions of these government officials nowadays are making people to develop pressure over night that no matter the situation Liberians can not change for the better.

Perhaps if Liberian media have not performed to the expectation of certain Liberians because of other shortcomings, the media have done well by exposing these corrupt officials. Since the inception of this government, media reports on its activities are dismal, especially in failing to restart the provision of basic social services such as water and electricity. The government which should have set into motion good governance policy that supposed to be followed by the next elected government is termed as the “worst government” since then. Who do we trust now?

The belated action taken by Chairman Charles Gyude Bryant to punish corrupt officials is something many are watching with an eagle eye whether it will materialize when the government’s life span is only for six months. Besides, the Chairman’s recent action on these corrupt officials has corroborated what the Liberian media had been saying for over a long period of time.

The dismissal of Managing Director of Liberia Produce Marketing Corporation (LPMC) for embezzlement, the sacking of Liberia Maritime Representative to the IMO and the suspension of the Maritime boss for corruption are the issues at bar. Not only these but the government through the Justice Ministry has begun probing several corruption allegations ranging from the Maritime Bureau in the tune of 2 Million United States dollars, Finance Ministry 1.5 million dollars, Social Security, NPA among others. But most startling revelation made by the government is the 800,000 United States dollars used to be apportioned among seven persons monthly while the average Liberians civil servants received LD800 intermittently. Is this not human violation to the highest degree? How seven persons can receive such amount without properly working for it? My only answer is Liberia still on wheel since 1847.

However, what is mentioned in the above paragraph is just a tip of an ice berg of what is happening in the country. This is where some Liberians are puzzled because most of these government officials heading these institutions are involved in the financial scandal are either living in the United States of America or Europe with their fabulous bank accounts.

This is where America’s intervention is required to save Liberia which is being peddled across the shore by the international community including the US. Washington needs to adopt harsh measures against any government officials who steals the Liberian people’s money and runs to the States for sanctuary. The State Department must begin to monitor all these government officials’ activities and bank accounts in the USA and have them deported as well as seizing their accounts. If this is not done, the Economic Action Plan being put together will just be meaningless as government officials will continue to loot the coffers of this country day by day which will eventually plunge the country back to anarchy.

Liberians who have their country at heart do not want to see this happening again. This process no doubt can be applicable if Washington wants to save Liberia from sliding back into another trouble. Just as the FBI agents have been working hard to trace the source of every money sent through the banking system world- wide following the September 11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, they can do similar thing for Liberia. The Government of the United States of America needs to adopt the policy to avoid conflict in Liberia.

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