No One Can Do It Better than Ourselves



Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted August 4, 2005


THE LIBERIAN NATION has gone through 158 years since independence, but could hardly boast of the vibrancy and reality of social, political or economic life.

ITS POLITICIANS SPEAK and blow the horn of rhetorics, while the foundation of state governance that has to do with the firmness of law, education and patriotism exist at very low ebb.

ALTHOUGH RICH IN natural resources, poverty remains the common denominator of the state and people while political corruption beset its existence at all levels.

IN THE FACE of this, the international community has dispatched experts to work with us aimed at resurrecting the “failed state.”

SOME MAY CALL them angels, but what remains clear is that no one can do it better than Liberians themselves because domestic patriotism, if not solid and organized, external patriotism can not work.

WE THEREFORE NEED to work, devise new strategies, hold together in unity, and give Liberia a new face in terms of good road net work, sound educational system, and sound economic programs while prioritizing the interest of the state first.

LET’S REMEMBER, the common Liberian saying that the respect given a horse depends upon the way it is treated by the owner.

In short, no one is expected to grow Liberia’s children sincerely and faithfully, protect its sovereignty, and maximize satisfaction amongst its people other than patriotic Liberian sons and daughters.

WE BELIEVE GOD’S blessings are already hovering over the nation, but what is pathetic is that evil men continue to block them.

THAT IS WHY WE need wise and patriotic people who would see the people through the eyes of God following election.

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