God Is Watching!





Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted August 25, 2005


HAVING CREATED LIBERIA and Liberians and granted them all recipes of life, including the power to think, figure out and drive themselves along the path of social, political and economic destiny, God, no doubt sits upon His heavenly throne, hoping and expecting that Liberia and its people, like others earth- wide would exhibit and conduct themselves in a way that they would reap peace, live in harmony and fertilize the state so that truly what takes place in heaven may equally be observed here in Liberia.

GIVEN ITS AGE(158), it is believed that maturity, experience, peace and the acts of being their brother’s keepers would be Liberia’s portion, not to mention its ability to chose between truth and lies, positive and negative, defined governors and fake people, among others.

GIVEN AS IT is, God is sitting and watching Liberia and its people, especially so in the face of the electoral period, to think, calculate, evaluate and recruit people of political substances whose philosophies and actions would bring lasting peace to the people.

ONCE THE PEOPLE begin to go for political reality and not be carried away by mere public sentiments-that which is usually triggered by misguided people, the better and improved will Liberia be in terms of good governance.

WE URGE THE people, therefore to draw their leaders against the backdrop of political experience, morality, popularity seated in the ability to lead other than that seated in mere distant beauty.

LET IT BE known that the game of leadership has its success tied to wisdom-wisdom to see the past, the present and the future because there can never be any moment of safe landing or safe journey in the life of any nation whose leaders are shortsighted.

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