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Monrovia, Liberia

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Posted October 1, 2006


FORUM’s Managing Editor, Augustus Fallah, says the Liberian Media like other sectors of the society is in transition following years of civil conflict.

Mr. Fallah said while it is true that there are zealous young people entering the noble profession in postwar Liberia, there is a strong need for academic and financial capacity building for media practitioners in both the print and electronic.

Mr. Fallah spoke to reporters upon his return from a continental media gathering in Grahamstown, South Africa.

He was among 450 participants from 42 African countries at the 10th Anniversary of the largest gathering of African Journalists Highway Africa Conference highlighting annual activities where journalists from Africa and elsewhere met to discuss the trend of media role in Africa.

This year’s theme: Reflection, Celebration and the Future Direction was a partnership between Rhode University School of Journalism and Media Studies and the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC)

The conference assessed the state of African media, especially in regard to harnessing new technologies by looking ahead as well as back. According to him, this year’s event was a mixture of conference plenary activities, coupled with seminars, workshops of skills development, knowledge sharing and academic discussions.

“As a participant, I used the opportunity to establish contacts with lots of media gurus, organizations and individuals regarding Media Development and Dignity (IMEDD); we have made collaborative and partnership contacts which we will be making follow-ups in the shortest possible time,” he said.

Responding to reporter’s question about media opportunities outside Liberia, Mr. Fallah said, “There are lot of opportunities in the areas of training, but Liberian journalists need to make use of the Internet where one can search for said opportunities.”

He said IMEDD will shortly establish a database for Liberian journalists and media practitioners for proper engagement of training opportunities.

“I will be meeting with individual media managers and directors for the coordination of the database,” he noted.

Commenting on the outcome of the Highway Africa Conference, Mr. Fallah said, the conference was fruitful and was knowledge-sharing and discussion coupled with series of seminars focusing on quality in journalism, the new media in Africa, among others. Mr. Fallah said the conference was also an exposure to new technology in the media coupled with interactions with leading media personalities in Africa and elsewhere.

Meanwhile, Mr. Fallah has extended gratitude to the Highway Africa family, especially its director, Chris Kabwato for the opportunity afforded him to attend this year’s events.

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