We Decry Tribalism in Democracy



Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted October 18, 2005


WE AGREE THAT the will of the majority regarding the unfolding electoral events is holding water in the process that is internationally endorsed as free, fair and transparent.

WE AGREE THAT when the final results come out, the will of the people would have emerged triumphant and those so endowed with the leadership responsibility would be expected to secure the people’s will like hens would do to their eggs during the period of

HOWEVER, WE FEAR what may possibly pollute the decent will of the people and the progression of the democratic ship of state. And that is tribalism. Tribalism seems rearing its early head given tribal sentiments that permeate across the corridor of the electoral process.

BY THAT WE mean greedy tribal men are throwing their weight behind a candidate of their tribe taking not into consideration the social, political and economic interest of the state.

WHEN TRIBALISM BECOMES adopted upon a democratic platform, there is hardly growth and development of nationalism.

THE SAMUEL DOE regime whose policy was chiefly watering the seeds of tribalism at all government institutions especially in the army is a typical example.

NOT ONLY WAS the government tribalistic, it was equally tyrannical to the point where it led Liberia into war.

THUS WE DECRY tribalism in democracy especially at the time when Liberians of all walks of life deserve a share of the national pie.

WE EXPECT THE next leader to be politically wise, academically fit and must be the supreme teacher, consultant and dreamer because political wisdom requires thinking maturely, acting maturely and speaking maturely.

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