Women Organization Expresses Concern Over Inter-Tribal Politics


By: Lewis K. Glay

Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted October 26, 2005


One of the women organizations operating in the country has expressed serious concern over what appears to be “inter-tribal politics” creeping in the face of the run-off elections.

Mrs. Leymah Gbowee who coordinates the affairs of Women in Peace Building Network (WIPNET) told The FORUM over the weekend at her office in Sinkor that Liberia’s problem in the past had germinated from rumors upon which they had reacted thus resulting into a full blown national calamity.

She noted that recent rumors about certain ethnic groups supporting a specific political party while a particular class in society is heading for another party at this point in time is “wrong.”

Mrs. Gbowee regards the run-off elections as a recipe for reconciliation among Liberians whom she believes have a unique opportunity to soberly elect among the two contending presidential candidates especially one who has the requisite qualifications to unite and develop the nation after years of prolonged civil war.

She called on “ordinary Liberians” to be analytical by not attacking personalities but rather issues stressing that negative perceptions have often served as pointers of chaos adding, “These were the same things that took us to war from 1979 up to today.”

The coordinator of WIPNET also reiterated her organization’s unstoppable commitment to reawakening women’s active participation in the run-off elections. She encouraged women across the country to remain steadfast in search of genuine peace and stability, sensitizing them to prepare for the November 8th run-off elections.

Mr. Gbowee has also lauded the National Elections Commission (NEC) for what she termed as a professional manner in which the elections were being conducted amidst compound complicated obstacles.

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