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Posted October 26, 2005


The FORUM newspaper has described the 9 October 2005 story published in the error-packed New Broom newspaper captioned: “Ellen Secret Media Meeting Exposed,” of which the paper mentioned that Madam Sirleaf met with certain media heads including The FORUM Managing Editor, Augustus Fallah at the Urban Hotel, and Mrs. Sirleaf reportedly gave each media head US$300 to write “hit messages” against George Weah of CDC as a figment of imagination on the part of the paper staff.

It is no secret that the individual character speaks for itself and those who own the Broom newspaper are nothing but journalistic clowns whose perceptions always border on the line of parochial tendency and megalomania.

The FORUM earlier decided not to dignify the calculated story written by the New Broom, a paper which always has credibility problem but leaving it would mean something as people say “silence means concern.”

However, it is left with the public to judge between The FORUM and the New Broom regarding the paper which actually upholds the professional ethics of journalism. Nevertheless, it is now a pity for the Broom newspaper as one of its major sponsors has dropped from the presidential race making it difficult for this magpie to operate and is now looming around to find a new sponsor like the CDC.

FORUM is an independent paper; it has kept this independent posture over the years and will always maintain this level of independence even with the bullets passing through its staff heads.

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