We Remain Resolute



Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted October 26, 2005


DETRACTOR OF PRESS freedom as well as others who are enemies the emergence of democracy of purpose, especially at this time when the Liberian nation was finding every possible outlet to stand again elected to threaten our staff upon the publication of our last week’s edition under the banner headline: Secret Hands Behind Weah’s Presidency: -George Dweh Eyes Defense, Julu Returns Soon.

THE ALLEGED EYEING of the Defense Ministry by George Dweh, the return of Charles Julu as well as Weah’s alleged support from MODEL fighters and those of ex-president Samuel K. Doe, which formed the core of the story among other things put detractors on the rampage that they had to gallop for their swords of negative propaganda aimed at intimidating the FORUM and making the issue to appear as though we were placing poison within the reach of children.

THEY CALLED US anti peace, war mongers and undesirable journalists bent on causing confusion among the peaceful citizens of both Grand Gedeh and Nimba Counties.

AS IT APPEARS George Weah must and should remain untouchable, meaning that the journalistic microscope should not be zoomed at his (Weah) direction, to measure who are his comrades as he moves towards state power.

SO WE SIT being engrossed by a wave of intimidation, insults and threats to eliminate our staff by certain ill-informed members of the public.

FOR US WE remain ever resolute in our reportorial duty being guided by our policy of unveiling the ugly face of social, political or economic crimes, even with bullets pointed to our throats. Being among the nationalistic press, fearing nothing but to do wrong, we shall and will continue to bark at ills, inform the people regarding issues of national importance.

THE TIME IS now that democracy, lying in the delivery room must safely land upon the stage of nationalism as opposed to that in the past where tribalism or congoism attended Liberia’s gavel of state power.

THE TIME IS now where a free press must be allowed to guide and guard the emerging free democracy.

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