Let’s Read the Writing on the Wall



Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted November 2, 2005


THE RUN-OFF election which is expected to introduce the war weary people of Liberia to a new day and a new political dispensation regarding vibrant democracy and emancipation from the state of poverty, ignorance and disease among other national destructive vices takes place on November 8 with the Unity Party and the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) flag bearers, Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Mr. George Oppong Weah expected to stand the poll for proper evaluation and final selection.

INDEED, WE HAVE reached a crucial point when Liberia needs a sober, educated, experienced and nationalistic leader who will teach and show the people tangled in the web of malice, poverty, disgruntlement, frustration, violence etc, the way out.

GIVEN THE UNIQUENESS of the presidency in terms of being the dignity of the state; the sanctuary for the people and the raincoat in time of rainy season, as well as cooler of the mind and heart in time of mid-day sun, the job needs a person who is philosophically contained as opposed to the one who is demon possessed to recreate the stage of peace, unity, education, agriculture – the true components of joy and happiness.

FROM WHERE WE find ourselves yearning for Liberation, healing and the return of honesty in government, morality in our cultural value and scientific political approach to get out of the web, we need a leader that is processed in terms of statecraft and would therefore be in the position to know how a state is run.

THE RUNNING OF a state is not by mere strength physically, but strength in navigating along the path of vision, creation, implementation and building a wall of social services – the bedrock of stability.

THE WRITINGS ON the wall that seems to be also the warning by the international community which serves as pillar as we move toward a new dawn is knowing state craft and being academically competent given our time to be able to drive wisdom not by mere chance but by calculation.

THE WRITING ON the wall is redemption through nationalism-not congoism or tribalism because if congoism was a bad system, tribalism which replaced it is worst.

WE THEREFORE URGE the people to vote for Mama Liberia not on the basis of who is a native or Congo but who will serve as a healer.

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