FINAL BATTLE!-Who Brings the Light; Ellen or Weah?

Monrovia, Liberia

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Posted November 7, 2005


Liberians in their droves go to the poll again tomorrow to choose between Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of the Unity Party and football legend turned politician, Mr. George Oppong Weah during a run-off election considered the final battle and a determiner as to where and how Liberia is to be (remain like a filthy still water or a reservoir of social, political and economic redemption.)

At tomorrow’s poll they are expected to break the shackle of tribalism, ignorance, poverty and disease and raise the flag of nationalism if Liberia must succeed in reaching the destiny regarding the class of modern civilization, technology and the pace at which the globe is taking.

Tomorrow’s poll is expected to graduate Liberia from the doctrine and creed that education and educated people are worthless and therefore the need to keep it a decimal point that refuses to be driven by the pen or pencil.

For a very long time darkness has engrossed the Liberian nation so much so that the color of morality, dignity, honesty, love and those virtues including the rule of law and order are being opaque by ruthlessness.

The spirit of war remains lingering over Liberia while arms and ammunition collected from evil men and women who devastated Liberia are stored in their (fighters) minds.

Looting and lawlessness being the driving forces of their minds and hearts, the youths (those who fought) need a new direction as a way of liberation. Liberation as regards our prevailing time and condition owes to nothing less than making education a paramount asset of the nation since as light of the mind; education brews national vision and encourages economic empowerment.

The late President William R. Tolbert who met his untimely demise in a bloody military take-over in April 1980 had, as his focus, education and thereby fervently struggled to lay such foundation upon which the Liberian children significantly rose to certain height above illiteracy.

The death of Tolbert therefore marked the death of sound education, defined governmental system, defined national direction, disintegration of national unity, among many others.

The military government of Samuel Doe which promised to lead the masses to a mountain top including waging war against rampant corruption, tribalism, nepotism instead went on the contrary pursuing the path of political marginalization, tyrannical abuse and many other human rights violation.

Doe is said to have subscribed to and practiced to the letter,Grand Gedeh Senator John G. Rancy’s strategy as contained in the letter below thereby creating a state of anarchy leading to war that has gutted down the fabrics of the entire nation.

Dear Sir:

As you requested, per our discussion regarding possible strategies for remaining in office beyond 1985, it is my opinion that several essential steps will have to be taken if we are to minimize the effect such a decision will have upon your credibility as Head of State. Since it is obvious the greatest opposition will come from the Americans. I think we should do everything humanly possible to placate them into supporting you economically and politically. For this to happen, however, the following moves must be considered.

1. Remove all known MOJA and PPP sympathizers from public eye through reassignment or dismissal from government and private positions.

2. Re-establish diplomatic ties with the State of Israel.

3. Adopt a sharp stunt against Soviet policy.

4. Dissipate all domestic opposition through strategy if possible; crush with force if necessary.

A. It is no secret that the present US administration would reach to any lengths in preventing any So
cialists (who go about calling themselves “Revolutionaries”). It would be well therefore, if these individuals could be made to identify themselves and be released from their positions as soon as possible.

B. Given America’s past record in supporting the State of Israel, and knowing the role Jews play in the economic and political affairs of the US, it is my belief that enormous support in American circles.

C. President Reagan’s vows against Soviet advances makes this an appropriate time to express support in international forums and whenever possible for policy in Africa. It would be expedient to denounce Socialist philosophy and those individuals and governments associated with it including the Ethiopian and Libyan friendship with the Soviet. Condemn all Soviet expansionism in Africa, especially Chad, and you will convince the US that ideologies other than Western-based Capitalism have no place in Liberia. It may be helpful to label any internal activists as Socialists…

Since then Liberia has remained tangled in social, political and economic problems. It can be logically insinuated taking into accounts the mistakes of the past, that Tolbert’s philosophy, his realistic approach as regards state revival, human resource development, must be revisited and those things that led us to where we are placed under the carpet.

The final battle then has to do with placing nationalism above tribalism and Congoism, identifying national values and employing a system where merit would be the order of the day.

The final battle has to do with electing a person who would meet the approbation and endorsement of the international community on the basis of trust and confidence, political experience and ability to unify the people of Liberia through the introduction of national economic empowerment programs and confining the movement and growth of corruption which has bladed the entire nation into pieces.

The chorus now in Liberia is clear when it comes to who becomes the next Liberia’s president given our time when the scientific dimension of today’s politics requires knowledge, wisdom, experience and nationalistic virtues.

“It is proper to elect Ellen that she may harvest the awaiting donor fund,” said one taxi driver. According to the driver, to vote Ellen is tantamount to making a very, very wise decision, because she is the one that could command respect from the international community.”

“I love Weah so dearly because he represents the symbol of unification and I believe that he will certainly make the difference,” said Peter Nyakan of Clara Town. Mr. Nyakan said Mr. Weah has the potential and wisdom to take Liberia out of the present state of dilemma following 14 years of blood bath.

Indeed the world at large especially the African continent awaits eagerly to seeing Liberia successfully crossing through the final checkpoint to a new stage where unity and peace would at last prevail

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