Blah Falls in Trouble

Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted November 7, 2005


Former President Moses Z. Blah may no longer enjoy his United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) offered security amenity immediately after the run-off election.

UNMIL, following media reports that former President Blah has been utilizing the mission’s assigned security on the campaign trail of the Congress for Democratic Change in Nimba County recently, is said to be contemplating on stripping Mr. Blah of said amenity after election.

UNMIL boss Alan Doss was reported as expressing the mission’s determination to take such decision because Mr. Blah’s alleged involvement in political activities during which he reportedly used UNMIL’s assigned security an attitude which it(UNMIL) viewed as contravening its neutrality in dealing with Liberia’s political situation as contained in the Accra Peace document.

It is believed that the security provision accorded former President Blah and few other Liberians were meant to remain on course until a democratically elected government is ushered in probably by January 2006.

However, the abuse of such opportunity allegedly by Mr. Blah seems to be compelling the mission to have a second thought to withdraw its security service assigned to the former Liberian leader as escort.

Ambassador Doss is said to have made the reservation at a joint press conference held with the National Elections Commission (NEC) in Sinkor over the weekend.

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