Ellen Is The Way, Light and Hope



Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted November 7, 2005


JUDGING BETWEEN LIGHT and darkness, political substance and national vampires, the virtues of democracy and negative political approaches all in the face of the prevailing phenomenon where Liberia pitifully stands at the crossroad, we think Ellen Sirleaf of the Unity Party remains the light, hope and way as the people of Liberia again go to the poll tomorrow to make a final judgment as to who leads them following bitter years of war.

EXPERIENCED AND POLITICALLY potent as she is in addition to the required knowledge and will power to drive the ship of state, we think Liberia and its people stand to recover fast and get redeemed from the dark days of war to the light of unity and real peace, should Ellen become victorious.

VICTORY FOR Ellen we believe, represents a beginning of a new chapter where the state so devastated and its people impoverished, would begin to see the light of social, political and economic restoration.

BEING POLITICALLY INITIATED, knowing what statecraft is and how to nurture those virtues and values of democracy, one can logically conclude that she possesses the therapy whereby Liberia could get out of the nightmare.

PLACING LIBERIA FIRST, considering the direction she should lead in terms of massive education program and the quest of registering her among the comity of nations, and taking into account the vision and philosophy of Ellen, one needs to do justice by letting this “Iron Lady” cross the final checkpoint.

WE BELIEVE ELLEN will serve as the right person at this time when the task of restoring Liberia’s lost image cannot be over emphasized.

FACING THE LIGHT of reality, looking at the anticipation of the international community in terms of visionary who understands the dynamics of domestic and international political culture, it is but fair to let the lady take the gavel of state after which a new day is expected to dawn.

LAST CHANCE, AS it called, this election is the hope and light for not only the Liberian state but for the sub-region as a whole. This is why we say, Ellen remains the light, hope and the way as we struggle to enter the new day.

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