“Weah May Turn Rebel Leader”
-Observers Term His Statement as Treasonable

Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted December 15, 2005


Monrovia appears fearfully dark and citizens and foreign friends could doubtlessly imagine days and nights of tension given the declaration by defeated Congress for Democratic Change(CDC) Presidential Candidate George Weah Sunday upon his arrival in the country that he remains the president of the country and that he would make sure, come what may, that Unity Party standard bearer and winner of the presidential race in Liberia does not sit as president.

He plans to undermine the January 16, inauguration of Madam Sirelaf.

Minutes following Weah’s declaration his supporters, mostly half- transformed members of warring factions began setting road blocks, damaging cars and made the night very grim for innocent people.

The violence began around the Headquarters of the CDC when some of its supporters began throwing stones alleging that the November 8 run-off presidential election was fraudulent and that George Weah was the president of Liberia.

Several vehicles including those of UNMIL had their windshield smashed. The protesting CDC supporters began operating in pockets moving their stone throwing protest to the Old Road area.

An UNMIL Police vehicle in front of the Kailando Guest House has its front and back windshield smashed yesterday morning while several vehicles plying the Boulevard in front of the CDC Headquarters were also not spared.

Early yesterday morning supporters of the CDC began operating in the Oldroad area and began disrupting traffic as well as pelting stones at passing vehicles.

Jordanian Police who were chasing CDC protesters late Sunday night were quickly replaced by Nigerian UNMIL soldiers who moved in to quiet the disturbances.

The Headquarters of the Congress for Democratic Change was taken over on Monday morning by Nigerian UNMIL soldiers who sealed entry routes into the compound thereby preventing its angry stone throwing supporters from entering or gathering themselves to cause further damage to passing vehicles.

At the Oldroad vicinity, businesses were temporarily shut down after the protest spread there with pocket of CDC supporters throwing stones and shouting using some profane languages at passers-by.

However, business activities and traffic later resumed during the day after UNMIL Nigerian soldiers and Irish contingent began patrolling the area.

Weah’s threat to seize power based on his conviction that he won the election seems to be melting the already fragile peace and many are of the candid opinion that he may possibly resort to waging insurgency since he is heavily backed by former warlords. The government of Liberia has blown alarm on his (Weah) unprecedented attitude, warning him and his supporters to desist being law unto themselves and be a part of the peace process but Weah appears unyielding and evermore defiant.

He claims to be fighting for justice and freedom vowing to continue until the end.

That Weah is not just alone in the agitation has been confirmed by the government of Liberia through the Minister of Information C. William Allen who, in a radio broadcast Sunday said two senior government officials were behind the Weah’s agitation.

Many persons here in Monrovia think Weah and his key supporters need to be weeded out as a means of protecting the peace because according to them if Weah is not made to feel the weight of the disturbances he could likely jeopardize the security of the state.

A frustrated taxi driver who drove our reporter yesterday, upon seeing the broken car windshields before the CDC Headquarters in Congo Town, Sinkor termed Weah, “man against not only the people of Liberia, but the people of West Africa and the international community.”

As it appears Monrovia seems sitting upon time bomb because according to one ex-general, “If they think they have the ability to keep Liberia hostage, we won’t allow that.”

Currently president-elect Madam Sirleaf is touring the United States meeting financial institutions and prominent world decision makers including President George Bush.

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