Our Hint To George Weah

Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted December 15, 2005


MONROVIA IS AT the moment shaking given the declaration by CDC defeated Presidential candidate George Weah Sunday upon his return to the country that he remains the victor of the run-off election and that he would ensure that no one is inaugurated as president other than him.

THE STATEMENT BLAZED fire Sunday night as his supporters set road blocks, smashed car windshields and obstructed free flow of traffic.

WEAH MAINTAINS THAT he won the first and second rounds of the election and that he would continue to dig justice until the NEC decision declaring Sirleaf as winner is reversed.

THAT WEAH AND his CDC could not bear patience to allow NEC look into the case and make final judgement but choose to claim power, only tell the negative side of the story, especially in the event where he has declared himself president of the land.

WE READ THE scenario as very appalling because it could add more injury to the deep wound and pains being inflicted upon the nation which healing is being processed by the international community.

WE THINK WEAH and his men should be made to live within the limit of the law so that peace that is gradually returning to the advantage of the people of Liberia could settle and render the nation stable that it may regain its joy and happiness it once lost as a result of the war. Weah should understand that the people of Liberia have suffered for so long and could define war in all of its respects including hunger, poverty, disease, displacement and all other dehumanizing situations which he may not know as he was in exile on sporting assignment.

WEAH MUST ACCEPT the fact that the risk involved given his declaration is so enormous. Let him notice that when a fire is poorly organized it stands to ferment smoke that often affects the eyes of the organizer himself. A hint to a wise is quiet sufficient!

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