Assemblyman Cries for Vehicle


By: Obadiah Karnah, II

Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted December 22, 2005


Maryland County Representative to the Transitional Legislative Assembly, Samuel Wilson, says the Transitional Government led by Charles Gyude Bryant is corrupt and has failed to seek the welfare of its citizens.

Speaking to FORUM recently in Margibi County, the Maryland lawmaker expressed disappointment over the recent decision taken by the Executive Branch against members of the NTLA to turn over to government vehicles assigned them since two years ago.
He accused Chairman Bryant of being unreasonable to the NTLA over the issue regarding the Cherokee Jeeps that were assigned to transitional lawmakers who have over the last 24 months worked to ensure that peace returns to Liberia.
He further said it was very disheartening that the Executive Branch of government would request for vehicles that have been used by members of the parliament following the deduction of three hundred United States dollars from each member of the NTLA for the same vehicles.

For his part, a member of Nimba County Legislative Caucus, Zawolo Zuagelee, said he was in full readiness to report his vehicle to the Executive Branch but pointed an accusing finger at the Liberia Council of Churches for making statement against members of the august body for failing to seek the civil servants’ salary areas.

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