Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted December 22, 2005


NATURALLY, LIBERIA REMAINS our place of originality on the world map despite the agonies and pains we have made ourselves to go through.

IRRESPECTIVE OF OUR religious, political, social, economic and tribal differences, we cannot allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by those vices that once caused us to destroy one another for the past 14 years to continue dividing us forever.

NO DOUBT OUR experience of warfare should by now teach us moral lesson of coming together to rebuild our country as we all are living witnesses to dehumanization, disgrace and untold suffering inflicted upon ourselves during these years of senseless civil war.

WE WANT TO urge our compatriots that persistent political bickering which has the recipe for worst human catastrophes needs to be amicably resolved for sake of better Liberia which will not only be for the present generation but also the posterity yet unborn.

AS A MATTER of fact, our resolve to go through the ballot box to elect a new political team to steer the affairs of the state for the next six years commencing January 2006, demonstrates the culture of good governance which we ardently pray should not be twisted in any manner or form by anti peace elements thereby getting us to the ugly past.

QUITE FRANKLY THOUGH, we are worried if not perturbed, that under the sleeves of some people violence is still deeply rooted as a way of life to engaging issues of national concern.

SPECIFICALLY, OUR ATTENTION has been drawn to two revelations recently made to the public regarding a planned coup plot being aided by some officials of the National Transitional Government of Liberia and the emergence of one thousand former fighters in Kolahun, Lofa County from the Belle forest in Gbarpolu County.

WE THINK THAT these revelations coming at such a crucial time of Liberia’s transition to stability raise serious concern in the minds of peace-loving Liberians who would like to know where the nation is heading.

WHILE WE DO not intend to point an accusing finger at anyone based on allegations, we equally would like to make a clarion call on our fellow Liberians to remember that Liberia is the only banana tree that covers all of us and we must protect it with the help of our international partners.

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