US$900,000 For Inauguration
-As Venue Changes


Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted December 31, 2005


In the wake of public disenchantments over the earlier budgets of US 1.3 million dollars for the January 16, 2006 inauguration of the President-elect Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Vice President-elect Ambassador Joseph N. Boakai, the Inaugural Committee is said to have slashed its budget by 35%.

According to information reaching this paper last evening, the inaugural budget has been reduced from 1.3 million United States dollars to 900,000 instead.

The issue of 1.3 million dollars being earmarked for the inauguration has been debatable by the public in recent time due to poor economic situation which the country is currently facing. Many have spoken against the budget as being too exorbitant while others have given tacit support to the committee’s proposed budget given the long time absence of democratic government in the country.

The Minister of Information Dr. C. William Allen earlier indicated that the inaugural budget was realistic because this will be the first time in history for Liberia to have a female President. He also said that this will be another occasion in many years for Liberians to celebrate the coming of democratically elected government in their country.

He said every part of the country will have a share in the budget. According to him, the Ellen Inaugural Committee presented the budget of US 450,000 dollars to the National Inaugural Committee but was quick to add that the Ellen Committee was one component of the overall composition of the National Inaugural Committee.

Meanwhile, latest information reaching The FORUM says the venue for the inauguration has reportedly been changed from the historic Centennial Pavilion on Ashmun Street to that of the seat of the National Legislature on Capitol Hill.

Accordingly, the change of the venue is said to be based on security reason which was not further elaborated.

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