Corruption Deposit at NPA: Millions USD Squandered


Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted December 31, 2005


Following days of closed door, meeting with the Board of Directors of the National Port Authority (NPA), senior officials of the port have uncovered financial malpractices at the entity in the tone of millions of dollars thereby causing grave loss of revenue due government.

The malpractices are said to range from improper accountability of funds generated from port users, export marginalization, divergence of port renovation materials due to inadequate supply of fuel, poor electricity as well as delays in payment of salaries and benefits to NPA workers, NPA Expenditure Manager Emmanuel Jallah disclosed.

Mr. Jallah claimed that the day-to-day operation of the port was only in the hands of few mangers headed by its Managing Director, Joe Gballa and Comptroller Marshall Dennis. He accused Director Gballa of usurping the functions of the Accounts Department which is responsible for salary disbursement, purchase and processing of vouchers, among other responsibilities.

Moreover, he explains, “the last two years we have witnessed the worst administrative malfunction at the port as few enjoy while the rest suffer.” The Managing Director, along with other deputies and managers, he claimed, has enriched himself overnight with a take-home salary and benefits of over US$37,797.00 monthly. “Some senior managers enjoy certain benefits including vehicles and petroleum allotments whereas others like me (Jallah) don’t,” the Expenditure Manager lamented.

The recent Board of Directors meeting was believed to have requested annual expenditure reports regarding operations at the NPA. When contacted, a source at the entity reported that many transactions there were done without proper documents. The source also hinted The FORUM that for the past three months 150,000 US dollars have reportedly being squandered by the Joe Gballa administration.

He claimed that European Union audit reports in April 2004 indicates that US$41,812.02 was misappropriated against the port’s payroll, while up to date management owes its employees two months salary arrears in the tone of US$8,100.00 including allowances for housing and transportation.

Mr. Jallah said at the same time reiterated his call for an urgent international audit before the face-out of the Transitional Government in order to save the port from total collapse.

However, NPA Managing Director Joe Gballa at a recent encounter with reporters at the port could not adequately address these mounting allegations but rather described Mr. Jallah as a trouble maker within the entity.

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