To Lead Liberia: “I will Buy Best Brains”, Says George Oppong Weah


Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

November 23, 2004

Liberia’s soccer legend now turning politician, George Oppong Weah has synchronized his fundamental step that would render his political sojourn as president of the land fruitful.

Speaking to VOA recently Weah, who is expected in the country tomorrow said, it is not brilliance or ingenuity that matters as regards a successful leadership, saying that he is prepared to purchase the best of brains that would be used as his political instruments to do the job.

With his apparent noticeable low level of education in addition to his lack of experience in the business of politics, Weah’s statement brings to mind the era of the late President Samuel K. Doe, when the best of brains were recruited to do the job, but there was a short political circuit regarding the supervision aspect.
Reading the mind of the presidential aspirant, it is believed that he (Weah) would imitate Samuel Doe’s method of leadership – a leadership which was born in the absence of political experience, a situation which rendered him (Doe) vulnerable to political fallacies and negative theories he was made to use against other politicians.

If all goes well in accordance with his expectation, Weah is expected to recruit all times Liberia’s politicians, including Dr. Togba-Nah Tipoteh, G. Baccus Matthews, Dr. Amos Sawyer, Dr. George Klay Kieh, Dr. George Saingbe Boley, Dr. H. Boimah Fanhbulleh, Mr. Chea Cheapo, etc.

Given the changing time and condition, in the face of fumbling political ambition where Liberia is searching for political wisdom backed by standard academic achievement, Weah’s intention to recruit prepared brains to back the unprepared one is yet to be grasped by the politicians who themselves have raised their flags of political ambitions for the presidency.

Many persons have expressed fear that learning to think like a president, talk like a president, behave like a president when sitting in the presidential chair, can and should not hold since the possibility of consciously or unconsciously evading the norms and creed thereof is possible.

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