Forgery Uncovered at the Capitol
-Lawmaker, Others Linked


By: D. Emmanuel Mondaye

Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

November 30, 2004

Forgery has reportedly been uncovered at the National Transitional Legislative Assembly (NTLA) involving Assemblyman Stephen Gbeh Kofa and Chief Custom Examiner, Malakie Dukuly and a Nigerian Businessman Prince Ola.

NTLA member, Adolphus Wallace in a letter to Speaker George Dweh, accused his colleague (Koffa) and Custom Chief Examiner Dukuly and businessman Ola of forging a document implicating him (Wallace) to request for a duty free privilege from the Ministry of Finance to clear a vehicle from the Freeport of Monrovia.

The vehicle in question, according to Representative Wallace’s communication which was read during plenary, belongs to businessman Prince Ola.

He said while he (Wallace) was on official duty, Representative Koffa connived with both Dukuly and Ola in committing the forgery.

According to Representative Wallace, Assemblyman Koffa who is also Chairman on Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Demobilization Committee and others successfully utilized the document to clear the vehicle from the Port about two months ago.

The lawmaker said the attitude of his colleague prompted him to report the matter to Speaker Dweh for his intervention.

Assemblyman Koffa is said to have admitted committing the act when Speaker Dweh cited him for clarification.

Convinced that he had erred, Assemblyman Koffa reportedly agreed to pay the amount of US500 to his colleague (Wallace) for forging a document to free the vehicle from the Port of Monrovia.

However, report reaching this paper indicates that up to present, Assemblyman Koffa has not fulfilled his promise as such, while NTLA member Wallace is seeking redress through Plenary.

When Assemblyman Koffa was contacted at his Capitol Building office for clarification, his office staff informed our reporter that her boss was not in the office. Still wanting clarification on the matter, our reporter again contacted Representative Koffa by way of cell phone but to no avail.

Also when contacted, Mr. Dukuly told our reporter that he is not afraid of the press because according to him, he is a politician who can defend himself any time.

He said if it is true that he (Dukuly) is involved in the alleged crime, he expects Speaker Dweh to communicate with the Minister of Finance through whom he would be invited.

Meanwhile, all efforts to contact the Nigerian Businessman Ola proved fruitless.
Investigation continues.

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