Let The Sun Shine When It’s Day


Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

November 17, 2004

THE PRESS UNION of Liberia at the weekend elected a veteran female journalist, Mrs. Elizabeth Hoff as president to head the Union for a two-year period, thus reversing the tradition of masculinity with respect to the presidency of PUL since its formation forty years ago.

THE ELIZABETH HOFF presidency seems to mark a new journey for the PUL given the many challenges facing the Union ranging from institutional elevation to reflect growth and development as far as the original policy of the Union is concerned.

THE IDEA OF perpetuating cliquism, quackism and friendship, thereby keeping the Union merely orbiting within the perimeter of rhetoric and condemnation against the reality of press freedom and the empowerment of media practitioners must be thrown in the dust bin.

THE NEW DISPENSATION regarding absolute accommodation of media houses in principle and reawakening the spirit of the Union must characterize the Elizabeth Hoff administration.

THE HOFF ADMINSTRATION must research for the rejected cornerstones and prepare the stage for a truly homecoming.

BY COMING HOME, we mean paving the way whereby media practitioners would practically have a sense of belonging and hope in the future.

BY COMIMG HOME, we mean resurrecting the spirit and true intent which marked the birth of the Union including not only preaching advocacy for press freedom but ensuring the reality of such freedom in all vital respects.

THUS WE HOPE the Sun would be left to shine in the face of the daylight.

IN OTHER WORDS, the losers must embrace and work with the winners and keep the Union moving forward and backward never.

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