Over 100 Bags of Rice Missing at Postal Affairs
-Min Nagbe, Deputies Accused


Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

November 2, 2004

When Postal Affairs Minister Eugene Nagbe took over the ministry months ago, he was regarded as the “messiah” simply because he paved the way for employees to benefit from incentives including rice ration.

However, it appears that the trend has dramatically changed as Mr. Nagbe has been accused of being insensitive to employees’ plight.

Recently, majority of the employees became discontented and disgruntled due to a drastic reduction in the quantity of their ration. Accordingly, female employees were now entitled to a full bag each while male employees were entitled to half bag respectively.

However, the employees mainly men, were said to have demonstrated their opposition by rejecting half bag demanding administration to clarify the decision.

Moreover, information gathered by our reporter indicated that more than hundred bags of rice which were offered by one cell phone company intended for distribution among the employees, disappeared over night upon the order of an unidentified authority.

In order to seek a redress to this current development, Assistant Minister for Administration, Sampson Guin called employees’ meeting which was attended by Minister Nagbe and other deputy ministers though the meeting was intended to discuss rice issue.

It was over shadowed by accusations and counter accusations amongst the ministers pin pointing administrative malfunction, which employees have persistently alluded to in recent past.

Many of the employees held Minister Nagbe responsible for the administrative ineptitude on grounds that he has been reluctant to meet with them in order to be aware of their plight. The ministry they claimed generates enough funds but according to them “only few persons benefit at our detriment.” Specific reference was made about funds coming from cell phone companies like LiberCell, Comium, Lone Star and others which accordingly have always landed in private pockets.

In an exclusive chat with our reporter before the meeting some employees said the ministry is run by three individuals – Minister Nagbe, Deputy Minister Sekou Kromah and Deputy Minister Tuah A. Tuah while the Deputy Minister for Operation Patrick Dennis is said to have been marginalized.

However, Minister Nagbe told the employees that he could not take all the blames because those in specific administrative functions were responsible to play their part, though he accepted blame for not holding regular meetings with the employees.

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