Remember the 1979 Rice Riot


Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

November 23, 2004

CONTRARY TO HIS induction speech where he pledged not to repeat “business as usual” Transitional Chairman Charles Gyude Bryant seems to be piloting the ship of state against the expectation of the Liberian people evidenced by the unusual price hike on commodities of which rice stands in the middle.

THE PRICE OF a bag of rice now stands at US$35.00 per bag, while transportation fare remains at the will of commercial drivers.

TO PUT IT shortly things are going from bad to worse on a daily basis. Common knowledge can therefore calculate that hunger, poverty as well as social and political vices remain harshly befriending the poor masses.

SEEING THE FRICTION, looking at the emerging disgruntlement and frustration, we like to caution the Bryant Administration to take heed and not invite a replica of the 1979 rice riot.

WE BELIEVE THE purpose of the transitional period is to bring economic and social redemption to the people.

IT IS COMMON knowledge that when people are deprived of basic social services, including food, water and light they obviously become unusually explosive thereby turning into vandals.

LET BRYANT REMEMBER the 1979 Rice Riot where the masses demonstrated their opposition by taking the streets demanding a reduction in the price of rice.

REMEMBER THE COMMON adage. A hungry man is a angry war.

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