The Ball Is In UNMIL’s Court


Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

November 2, 2004

ALL ALONG, THE United Nations Military Missions in Liberia (UNMIL) had announced that following the end of the official disarmament process (October 31) anyone found with arms would be considered enemies of peace and treated as such.

APPARENTLY GUIDED BY its own time limits, the UNMIL has chosen to eyewink and play low issues of clandestine nature especially those involving hidden weapons.

NOW THAT THE time allotted for handing over of those deadly weapons has elapsed we think the ball is now in UNMIL’s court to ensure that these deviants are trapped and weeded out.

WE THINK DRASTIC actions against those bent on dragging the nation and people in blood bath, suffering, etc stand as overwhelming expectation of the citizens.

WE THINK IT is not enough to preach peace and expect sanity to automatically return; but to practically effect an operation that would thaw the vices of peace.

THE JACOB TOWN incident where the Ghanaian Contingent arrested several fighters believed to be members of LURD with their hidden guns has certainly placed confidence in the public as regards effective security actions.

WE THINK SUCH an operation should and must go unabated because there is a significant portion of the people in the society who feel amused and satisfied in the wake of crises.

CERTAINLY, THE BALL is in UNMIL’s Court to drastically deal with the situation, because the persistent their wrath against criminals, the calmer and stable the society.

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