By Gertrude Russell

While Liberians in America are waiting for someone else to "fix Liberia" so we can all go home to get our assignments with the government, have Liberian parents in this nation asked themselves or thought about what's going on in the lives of their off-springs? Or have the parents asked as to what's happening or not happening to their children in this country? Unfortunately, the correct answer is "no". As a mother myself, I've often wondered, and it's been nagging me at the back of my mind.

Liberians in America have engrossed themselves in work and play, while their children are going to total waste. Mothers work two jobs, some fathers too, if they work at all. Some even put themselves in school to get "higher education" so that they can acquire "higher or lucrative positions tomorrow," no matter the kind of person who rules Liberia. This neglect is the way of life for us, while the children are left alone to raise themselves. Sometimes the older kids are left with the task of taking care of their younger brothers and sisters, when they are unable to take good care of themselves. Yet, these seemingly ambitious parents have not stopped to think, to take stock of the future, as our country (Liberia) lays in ruins, controlled by criminals fighting over the "booty," calling it government.

We need to take care of our children so they will be able to compete in this world of vast technology today. I don't see or hear of our children winning scholarships to get into college. If they are, I don't know about it. I must admit, some of them would try and finish the so-called high school and probably enter college. If we are lucky, they'll go for a year, maybe less - that's it. They will quit and nothing more.

But how ironic that the parents spend their times educating themselves only to end up working at nursing homes or factories with their degrees and the children, their future, end up on the street more Americanized than the Americans themselves. Some of the children have organized themselves into gangs; others ordained themselves crime bosses. They make their counterparts, the so-called Jamaican gang look-alike cartoon characters. You know when Liberians pick up habits other than their own, they go over board. Well, look around us! Our children have become just that.

Unfortunately, the children who mean well and want to make progress don't get the necessary encouragement because their parents are not around to give them the attention they deserve. Their parents don't have the time to go to their schools and speak with their teachers on their success or failures. Oh, I forgot, they work hard all of the time. But they do have time to party, party till day light.

Let's wake up! My people, our country have been taken over by warlords with the help of our savior, the great America. But we are all waiting for a miracle or someone to give us back our country.

Meanwhile, we work hard, slaving legally and sending our children to the doom of modern society of the West. We've all taken part in helping to build the economy of this country one way or the other with no recognition, no thanks and no respect.

We are people who come from high society, good culture and good morale standings. And now our children don't even think about the words they use when grown-ups are around anymore. They use every foul language one can think of. Some parents are even afraid to chastise their children for the fear that the children will call the police. When we were growing up, we were disciplined by the motions of our parents' eyes or hands without shouts or screams. We did whatever our parents instructed.

Our children are waiting for us to bring them up the way God has instructed us. But right now they are in the streets. These are bad times for the world. There is a predication of mass global destructions before the world can be peaceful again. But only people who have prepared for the future will survive. But we are not doing anything to get our future generations ready for the transformation. How can we re-claim our beloved country from the criminals?

Let us stop fooling around and fooling ourselves and start taking real good care of our youths, our future generations. They are the apple of our eyes. Let us pull the pants up on the buttocks of our boys; pull the mini skirts down to our daughters' knees. Don't substitute your love with money or expensive gifts to your children for lost times. Just give them your undivided attention, tender loving care, good education, not just academics, but teach them in the ways of our forefathers and mothers. Make them proud of their history and background, then let them show the world their brilliance.

Let us wake up! Visit your children's schools, make time for their homework. Don't just tell them to do it. Do it with them, go over it and sign your name to it. So their teachers will know you participated in their school work. When my son was alive, I felt like I was in school again. It was fun! We did homework every night. When I didn't do it with him, I'd look over it and sign it. I won lots of respect from his teachers. Thus, he was not a problem child. That's the label children get in school when parents don't get involved. Check it up for yourselves. Love your children now and they'll love you back forever.

"Happy is He who reads aloud and those who hear the words of the Prophecy, and who observe the things written in it; for the appointed time is now." - Revelation 1:3.