Gongloe Re-arrested by the Taylor Regime

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted May 12, 2002

According to reports reaching The Perspective, Liberian civil rights lawyer Tiawan Gongloe has been re-arrested by the Taylor regime at the Roberts International Airport while he was trying to travel to the Sierra Leone to observe the national elections in that country. Mr. Gongloe has recovered from the torture he received recently while he was in police custody. Below is excerpt from the communication:

"Tiawan Gongloe was arrested at the RIA this afternoon while trying to leave for Sierra Leone as a member of the Carter Foundation Elections Observer Team... When he arrived at the airport, he was allowed to go through the normal procedures including payment of his airport tax ($10). Few minutes before boarding the plane, two immigration Officers approached him and informed him that he was not allowed to leave Liberia.

"Not only that but he was required to appear at the immigration office in Monrovia at once. While enroute to the Immigration Office in Monrovia, the Officers informed him that they have been instructed to take him to the National Security Agency (NSA). Now, he is detained effectively at NSA undergoing torture [in] the hands of state Security.

"This latest action raises more questions than answer. Since Tiawan was released to Bishop Michael Francis, the government has failed to appear in court twice to respond to the writ of habeas corpus; leaving everybody to wonder what is Taylor up to."

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