Hit List Out for Exiled Liberians, Others

By Bella N'diaye
Freelance Journalist

An assassination list of several Liberian political leaders, journalists, and human rights activists has reportedly been released. But confirming the authenticity of the list is made difficult by the unfavorable conditions for independent journalism in Liberia, where a number of newspapers and radio stations have been shutdown. Reports Bella N'diaye, a Free Lance journalist:

The Liberian president Charles M. Taylor has mandated his top security apparatus and terrorist associates in the sub-region to institute a drastic scheme against rival opposition Liberian politicians and activists in and outside the country, particularly those the Liberian government perceives as inevitable threat to its continuity in power. According to classical security intelligence details, President Taylor has told his senior security officials and rebel counterparts in the sub-region including the RUF rebels of Sierra Leone that any consistent political - military threats to his regime is a destabilizing element in their Libyan revolutionary power control plan for West Africa.

The assassination project is said to have been approved for commencement by President Taylor. Special group of plain clothes persons have been trained and dispersed throughout the sub-region of West Africa, Europe and America to accomplish the mission known as "death for power". The assassins are said to be a mixture of both Liberians and foreign nationals: including Libyans, Burkinabes, Ukrainians and RUF collaborators from Sierra Leone.

According to one of Taylor's most senior associates who attended the meeting aimed at designing the assassination plot for rival opposition Liberians and activists (name withheld), Colonel Benjamin Yeaten of Taylor's Special Security Service (SSS) and Sierra Leone's RUF rebel tyrant general Sam Bockarie (now in Monrovia, Liberia) are to head and supervise the assassination mission in collaboration with some Liberians diplomatic missions and foreign institutions abroad that are on Taylor's blood diamond payroll through foreign banks.

The Liberian rebel President made specific reference to and emphasized the names of Liberian politicians and activists who are writing negative things about him and his government to the international community as well as individuals who he considers as potential threat to the security of his NPP led government that continues to encounter political-military resistance to the collectivity of Liberians worldwide. According to sources, the operation team/squad of the assassination project has already made the preliminary list of those opposition Liberian politicians and activists and others to be assassinated.

The preliminary list includes the following personalities:
1. Dr. H. Boima Fahnbulleh
2. Dr. Amos C. Sawyer
3. Commany B. Wesseh
4. Alhaji G. V. Kromah
5. Tarty Teh
6. Tom Kamara
7. J. Nhinson Williams
8. Johannes Zlahne
9. Soko V. Sackor
10. Joe Wylie
11. Chayee Doe
12. George Dweh
13. Roosevelt Johnson
14. Lahai Ireland
15. Alaric Tokpa
16. Cllr. Lavala Supuwood
17. Kabineh Janeh
18. Samuel Kofi Woods
19. Samuel Kasselie
20. Lamini Waritay
21. Abraham Keita
22. Thomas Q. Harris
23. Dr. Vamba Kanneh
24. Charles G. Julu
25. Charles Brumskine
26. Chris Farley
27. Momoh V. S. Sirleaf
28. Harry Yuan
29. Bodioh Siapoe
30. Ignatius Clay
31. Mohamed Jomandy
32. Ahadji Amara Sarnoh
33. Dr. George Kieh
34. Paul Gbein
35. Abraham Mitchell
36. D. Karn Carlor
37. Moses Jarbo
38. Morris M. Dukuly
39. Brownie Samukai
40. Dr. Patrick Seyon
41. Dr. George S. Boley
42. Abraham Williams
43. Ahadji Sedeke Turay
44. Garsua Yarmento
45. Thomas Jaye
46. Ezekiah Pajibo

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