Idle Consistencies

By Alvin J. Teage

The Perspective

January 23, 2002

Sadly, few of our brothers and sisters have played off one group of Liberians against another. These educated Liberians had all the “knowledge” yet they used it without mercy. They have handed power to persons who could be relied upon only to safeguard their economic and political interests. However, while the muddles of their talks may have charmed and blocked the senses of the old Liberian masses, my quarrel today is not with this group of Liberians. It is directed at the Liberian masses in the Diaspora.

Compatriots, in general, we have stumbled in ignorance and fallen into wells of self-pity. With idle consistencies, Liberians in the Diaspora have shamefully earned the title as one of the conduits behind Taylor’s present criminal enterprise. To place the problem concretely, permit me to borrow the prophetic words of Mr. Winsley S. Nanka: “Mr. Taylor will not allow a free and fair election in 2003. Therefore, the time has come for Liberians to take preemptive measures to remove … Taylor from office rather than wait for Mr. Taylor to conduct a 'show' election in 2003 which he will emerge a winner

(It's Time Liberians Look Past President Taylor).” I clearly agree. Who would not? When will truth be respected?

There are already extensive documented submissions concerning Liberia’s ills from organizations such as, The Liberian Democracy Initiative (LDI), The Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas (ULAA), The Liberia Contemporees United Patriotic & Strong, and various published articles by other concerned Liberians. To no surprise, the message from these organizations is essentially the same--we must immediately act to free Liberia from Taylor’s criminalities. Is there any reason against uniting these various organizations?

I agree that opposition is a healthy aspect of democracy. And in such democracy, people should caucus with like minds to further their agenda. However, it does not require great intelligence to figure out that Taylor is exercising methods, which are inconsistent with democracy. So, when will the various organizations of Liberians within the Diaspora stop conducting business as usual? While it is your prerogative to keep working alone, please note that without Unity, you are using too small a hook to catch Taylor’s evils. I therefore challenge these various Liberian organizations to desist from this poison doctrine, which has been blindly followed by most educated Liberians, and adopt the progressive doctrine of coming together and working for the general interest.

“Well, some of our Liberian brothers and sisters have been idled in these small organizations so I don’t know about coming together.” So what? Collectively, we are all guilty of idleness. If there were a strong organization for Liberians in these trying times, do you think that people would form these small organizations? Disunity cannot be justified on the grounds that others have been idled.

If Liberia’s future appears dismal, the better view is that focus could be placed on the establishment of a broad-based interim Body. This Body could easily advance the desperately needed interests of Liberia. Therefore, the various Liberian organizations within the Diaspora must immediately suspend personal campaigns and unite for the People. It is only by getting together and questioning the lessons of the past that we can proceed with forward zeal for Liberia’s betterment. Let us thus begin by changing the ways we have done business for Liberia. If we unite, we could create a Liberia where opportunities are not the treasure of a few. Be mindful that having been clothed with the authority to better Liberia, you have a duty to serve her faithfully.

Moreover, because of disunity, we have unintentionally sacrificed the well-being of too many of our innocent brothers and sisters on Taylor’s alter of profit. However, Aristotle observed that during the prime of life, patriotism “prompt(s) us to noble actions.” Borrowing this notion, I question: when the history book is written, what would be said of us? Would our children’s generation say that we challenged ourselves? Would it be written that we aroused to fight a common enemy? If we are not prepared to unite ourselves in the spirit of bettering Liberia, what rationale do we have for insisting that murderous Charles G. Taylor set Liberia free? We have tasted the bitter cup of disunity and idleness. Must our children’s generation drink from such a cup? Folks, even the most primitive society foster security to its venerable. Our children want to trust Liberia!

In conclusion, it may be a tragedy of the highest magnitude for Liberia if the various Liberian organizations within the Diaspora remain disunited. However, patriotism does not tolerate disunity and neither will we. We believe that where the desert ends, green grass grows. As such, please note that in keeping with the spirit of Unity, The Liberia Contemporees United Patriotic & Strong, has mailed request letters to every known Liberian organization and other persons within the Diaspora concerning the urgency for our Unity. Everyone has talked about the importance of Unity. The time to act is now!

In Unity, all of the freedoms that Liberians have dreamt about shall come to Liberia like autumn leaves and winter breeze.

I thank this distinguished website for the space allowed.

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