British Government To Assistance Liberia


The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted December 4, 2003

The Government of Great Britain has promised to provide assistance to Liberia in a number of areas in the reconstruction process of the country.

British Ambassador accredited to Liberia but resident in Freetown, Sierra Leone, John Mitchiner said a special assessment team of the British Department for International Development has already concluded a visit to the country, and would shortly make a report to his government for possible assistance to Liberia.

Addressing journalists shortly after he had presented his letter of credence to the NTGL Chairman Gyude Bryant at the Executive Mansion, Amb. Mitchiner said although the assessment team is yet to present its reports, he is sure that his country will help with the DDRR program as it did in the neighboring country of Sierra Leone.

Amb.. Mitchiner who arrived with a three-man delegation, said discussion with the NTGL Chairman centered around a number of topics including security, the necessity to develop the Liberian economy among others.

He commented on the issue of unemployment which according to him is also one of the biggest problem in Sierra Leone but needs to be tackled here in Liberia.

On the issue as to whether his government has the confidence to work with the NTGL, Amb. Mitchiner said his government has a strong confidence to amicably work with the NTGL.

He added that his government is committed to the restoration of peace to Liberia, stressing that he is sure the US will play a significant role in Liberia’s reconstruction process.

Quizzed as to whether there are plans by his government to send troops to participate in UNMIL, Amb. Mitchiner said his government presently has no plan to contributing a sizeable number of troops.

He, however, said that his government will send in a small number of individuals who will assist with the process by working with UNMIL.

Other members of Amb. Mitchiner’s delegation who met with the NTGL Chairman are David Lelliot UK political officer; Sean Holt, Counsellor Regional Affairs of the British High Commission, and Lt/Col. Joe Poraj-Welczinski, Defense Attache at the British High Commission.

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