Catholic Human Rights Commission Wants War Crimes Court In Liberia

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted September 9, 2003

The Catholic Justice and Peace Commission (JPC) is reminding parties at the on-going Accra Peace Talks on Liberia that the future survival of the Liberian Nation and its people lies in their hands.

The JPC said in a release that posterity will adjudge them guilty if they fail to reach a compromise soon in ending the current suffering of the Liberian people.

According to a press statement issued yesterday, the JPC says it is regrettable and unthinkable that for more than one month now, since the commencement of the peace talks, the parties have not been able to reach a compromised settlement of their differences on such simple issue as the setting up of a transitional government.

The JPC said while this is ongoing, hundreds of Liberians continue to die from diarrhea and other gastrointestinal diseases at the various displaced camps back home.

“ The parties at the peace talks, engrossed in the exquisite comfort of one of the best international hotels in that country, have evidently lost sight of their moral responsibilities to bring peace to their fellow war devastated Liberians”.

The JPC statement noted that as if they relish the hellish conditions of the Liberian people who continue to languish in the most deplorable and appalling states in displaced camps, delegates at the peace talks are now inundated with insatiable quest for political power and jobs while sacrificing national interest for personal, political and economic aggrandizement.

While the International Community is making frantic efforts in helping to restore durable peace to Liberia, the delegates are clearly demonstrating by their actions that let alone, Liberians are incapable of managing their own affairs, as they continue to uncompromisingly wrangle over the leadership of the transitional government”, the statement said.

In view of this, the JPC said such attitude on the part of individuals who claim to be liberators and advocates of democracy and social justice, to say the least, is deceptive and sets the tone for further prolongation of the suffering of the Liberian people.

The JPC calls on the parties to guide against the mistakes of the past as they approach the crucial task of selecting someone to head the transitional government. Such person, the Commission strongly feels, must be above reproach, experienced in the art of governance, possess good leadership ability, be patriotic and nationalistic.

The JPC urges the Parties, including, LURD and MODEL to let sanity prevail by placing the survival of the Liberian nation and people over and above their self-seeking interest, the statement concluded.

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