Liberian Government Produces Evidence Against Human rights Activist

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

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The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

April 30, 2003

The Liberian government through its prosecuting counsels, yesterday presented before the Criminal Court "A" evidence it have in its possession linking human rights activist Aloysius Toe to treason.

The state's decision was predicated upon a ruling by the court presided over by Judge Boima Kontoe into a motion filed by Mr. Toe's lawyers requesting the court to compel the prosecution produce evidence it has against their client.

Although state lawyers led by Deputy Justice Minister Cllr. Theophillius Gould vehemently opposed the motion to inspect the prosecution's evidence, the court ruled in favor of defendant Toe lawyers against the state.

Judge Kontoe in his ruling on the matter, said the defense contention that the prosecution produces all the evidence, is legal, just and consistent with law.

But the prosecution excepted to the ruling and prayed on the court to issue a writ of subpoena duces tecum on the former clerk of the court, Mr. Moses Wesseh, Sr. who was transferred as clerk of the criminal court "B" at the time the case was at a standstill. The prosecution said its evidence was in Mr. Wesseh's possession.

However, the writ of subpoena duces tecum which is a writ that compels an individual to produce documents before a court, was granted by the court and subsequently served by the Sheriff on Mr. Wesseh to appear before the court yesterday.

Speaking when he appeared before the court, Mr. Wesseh presented five separate files before the court claiming that they contained pecies of documentary evidence.

He prayed on the court to grant his permission to spread on the minute of the court form what he termed "my own protection".

Explaining further, Mr. Wesseh said one of the files which he identified as file number 1, consists of Yahoo mails from Mr. Toe's house, he said page 1 of the 6-page document in file number 1 is entitled "Blue Print for Stability".

He said file number 2, consists of a document which reads "In Taylor's Liberia, double standards prevails". He added that one of the files contained copy of a letter written on a letter head of the National Human Rights Center signed by Attorney Dempster Browne and addressed to the International Bank of Liberia among others.

The case is expected to continue this morning at 11:00a.m.

Mr. Toe was arrested sometime last year and subsequently charged with treason for allegedly linking with LURD to unseat the government of President Taylor.

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