Sick Child Condition Worsens
...Mother Cries for Help

By: Melissa Chea-Annan

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

April 24, 2003

A 34-year old woman, Mrs. Sangay Faeflen is again calling on various humanitarian organizations and personalities of goodwill to help save the life of her son, Sarwee Faeflen, who is dying slowly.

According to the mother who came weeping into the offices of this paper yesterday, the little amount that she earlier received from some philanthropists through The INQUIRER was used to readmit her son at the St. Joseph's Catholic hospital since it was not enough to take the child abroad for treatment.

The young mother, who could not control her tears, lamented that the doctors are still insisting that the child be taken out of the country since local medical facilities can not adequately deal with her ailing ward.

"The doctors have given me the assurance that my son could regain his health once he is taken to an advanced country for major operation", she added with hope.

"My people, you-all please help me, he is my first child and only son", Mrs. Faeflen said with tears streaming down her cheeks. "I don’t have the first cent because every cent I had was spent on him, my son is just lying down in hospital for nothing. Jesus!, please speak to the hearts of your people so that my baby can be taken out of this country", she prayed.

Little Praise, as the sick child is affectionately called, is about three years old. Medical doctors have diagnosed that he is suffering from kidney disorder and large heart, as a result of which, he does not talk, although he eats sometimes, he urinates slowly and worse of all, he is not growing.

The weeping mother in a sad tone said, "the last time I made an appeal to the First Lady, Mrs. Jewel Howard-Taylor, but there has been no response. And so, I am kindly begging President Charles Taylor to assist me financially so that my son can be treated in an advanced country.".

Mrs. Sangay Faeflen is therefore calling on the Liberian leader, President Charles G. Taylor, local and international NGOs, philanthropists and humanitarian organizations to come and assist in saving the life of her three-year old son.

According to her, all contributions can be channeled through Mr. Philip N.. Wesseh, Managing Editor of The INQUIRER Newspaper on Gurley Street or call 22-70-36 or 516-533.

Mrs. Faeflen also extended her thanks and appreciation to all of those kind persons who have initially assisted her financially after her first appeal which was published in The INQUIRER Newspaper.

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