Maryland Youth Reject Representative

By: Morrison Sayon

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted December 29, 2003

The Concerned Youth of Maryland County has sharply reacted to the election of Mr. Samuel Wilson to represent the county in the National Transitional Ligislative Assembly (NTLA.)

The youth group said their decision to oppose the election of Mr. Wilson is predicated upon the fact that his nomination was done outside of political participation of the four nominating districts of that county: Harper, Pleebo, Karluway and Barrabo districts.

Among other things, the Concerned Youth through their representative Mr. Solomon G. K. Boe, noted that the person in question (Mr. Wilson) was rather imposed on the unarmed people of the county by few commissioners and town chiefs with the acquiescence of the Movement of Democracy in Liberia (MODEL).

The Maryland Youth then accused MODEL of influencing the selection of Mr. Wilson and pointed out that the final decision to have him represent the people of Maryland County was done at the military base of MODEL in Grand Gedeh County, something the group said is unprecedented and unacceptable.

The youth group, in their release, noted that besides being unqualified and lacking in administrative competence, Mr. Wilson falls short of all the provisions outlined as prerequisites for becoming a representative under the comprehensive Accra peace agreement.

"He is an elementary school dropout, a former house servant of the Fawaz family that runs the Maryland Wood-processing Company. How can such a person who has no better education and does not meet the requirement of becoming an assemblyman, represent our aspirations in the house?" - Mr. Solomon G. K. Boe who walked into the offices of The INQUIRER wondered.

The concerned youth of Maryland County is warning MODEL and others who are imposing Mr. Wilson on the citizens of Maryland to immediately desist from such malpractice as it will be unsuccessful.

Concluding, the youth organization reaffirmed its commitment to the spirit of the Accra peace accord and called on those wanting to lead the people of Maryland County by all means to live up to the mandate and provisions of the peace agreement.

Meanwhile, the Concerned Youth of Maryland County has registered its protest about the selection of Mr. Samuel Wilson to ECOWAS Special Representative Francis Blaine, ECOWAS Mediation Group, Amb. Jacques Paul Klein, UN Secretary General’s Special Representative to Liberia, NTGL Chairman Gyude Bryant, House Speaker George Dweh, among others.

The youth group is calling for the immediate induction of Mr. Moses C. Jabbeh who they said was elected to the National Transitional Legislative Assembly (NTLA) by a cross-section of citizens of Maryland County residing in Monrovia.

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