"Liberia Is Still Rich In Minerals"
-Says Min. Mayson

By: C. Winnie Saywah

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted December 4, 2003

Lands, Mines and Energy Minister-designate Jonathan Mason has disclosed that Liberia still has huge deposits of mineral resources despite the past extensive mining of 35% - 40% of the country’s iron ore deposits.

Mr. Mason said the country has its mineral resources including deposits of diamonds, bauxite, gold, oil, etc, intact but needs qualified people to prudently manage and tap the vast deposits.

He said if the country’s vast mineral resources are explored, it will provide a high rate of employment in the country.
The Lands and Mines Minister-designate stressed that there is a need for Liberia to train more human resource in order to create the opportunity for jobs in the country.

Mr. Mason said it was due to the utilization of unqualified people that LAMCO did not benefit the country in spite of the long time the iron ore company operated in the country.

However, he continued that the opportunity of mineral resources in the country will attract investors and if they are encouraged, the concession agreement will be ratified.

He emphasized that there still hangs a conflict over the issue of concessions especially the Freedom Gold concession which, according to the mine broker, has been operating illegally in the country.

Disclosing some of the mineral deposits that have been discovered in the country, the Mines Minister-designate said economically viable quantities of bauxite have been found in Maryland and Margibi counties; Ore Chromite in Foya Hills, Lofa; and "lime and sandstone in deep waters which we have not touched yet."

Mr. Mason made these revelations when he appeared before the NTLA’s committee on lands, mines, energy and natural resources headed by Rep. Harrison Slewion

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