Unknown Armedmen Flogged Liberian Journalist In Monrovia

By: Francis Pelenah, Jr.

The Inquirer
Monrovia, Liberia

Distributed by

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

Posted September 23, 2003

A reporter of The ANALYST newspaper, Mr. J. Caesar Padmore was on Thursday night flogged and rubbed by two unknown armed men.

The incident took place near his home on Clay Street toward the UN drive while returning home from work at about 12 midnight.

Mr. Padmore who walked into the offices of The INQUIRER Friday with a swollen hand and a deep cut on his skull explained that the armed men at first asked as to whether he had an arm or weapon on hand.

“When I reply that I didn’t have an arm, they said that I was talking to them rough and begun beating on me”.

According to Mr. Padmore the men became further infuriated when he identified himself as an employee of The ANALYST newspaper, accusing the paper of reporting what they termed bad news against the government.

Mr. Padmore quoted the men as saying, “you Analyst people reporting bad news against government, you Padmore and your Analyst people should be prepared”.
His cell phone and L$250 was rubbed in the process. His hand was bitten several times to force him to release his cell phone that he insisted given to them.

“After taking the phone, the men left the scene suddenly and while I was still bleeding I manage to walk to the Camp Johnson Road Police Depot where I was assisted by the police to get back to my office”, Mr. Padmore explained.

He was later taken to the St. Joseph’s Catholic hospital via the office car where he was treated and later discharged.

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